Med Miami Divine Gummies

Divine gummies 250mg 10 Pieces Per Bag - $25

Med Miami’s mission is to provide a safe and memorable post-op experience to clients after surgery. Our team makes every effort to manage pain without the use of narcotics. Med Miami is proud to announce our exclusive brand of divine gummies to manage pain. Our gummies were carefully formulated by a chemist with ingredients specific to pain management, stress relief, anxiety, and sleep aid.

Our gummies come in a variety of flavors, 250mg PER PIECE, and ten pieces per bag. Clients that have purchased Med Miami Gummies felt immediate relief.

You can add Divine gummies to any of Med Miami Post-op Services.

Divine gummies DO NOT CONTAIN THC

NOTE: Divine gummies should NOT be taken prior to surgery

Glitter Gel Pack - $12.00

Yellow beaded Gel Pack - $15.00

Med Miami Gel pack

The gel packs are uniquely designed for facial procedures, such as chin lipo, rhinoplasty,   and face lifts.  The glitter gel pack provides a cooling affect to areas that are inflamed or sore. 
The yellow beaded gel pack can be used as a cool pack or a warm pack. The beads in this pack provide instant relief and a cool or warm effect.