Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with top quality post-op assistance, education, and support during and after your surgery at an affordable price. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities.

Meet Our Staff

All of our health care providers are trained in cosmetic surgery and have completed a course in   cosmetic post -op recovery. They possess extensive experience in their clinical areas and have been trained to identify emergencies that may occur after surgery.
The staff at Med Miami utilizes the latest technology to achieve a quality experience through the entire process, from the moment you contact us until you have fully recovered.


Natasha Turner, M.Ed, RMA

Has a Master’s degree in clinical education, with over 15 years’ experience in women’s health. She is better known for her Social Media alias Med_Miami.

Meet Our CEO

With fast-growing popularity due to her excellent reputation, for assisting women after cosmetic surgery, traveling from Miami to Atlanta educating recovery homes, clinics and allied health care professionals on proper post – op care, to teaching holistic health care and basic health care skills and an active social media platform, known as the Queenoftraining or Recoverysquad. Mrs. Turner has been nominated twice as clinical educator of the year in her school district and most recently nominated by NCL as the top 15 educators in the Untied States. Mrs. Turner is committed to delivering the highest level of training to health care providers to ensure that they are able to deliver quality, safe assistance to patients recovering from cosmetic and or other types procedures. Her passion for helping women understand their body, from a physical, mental, and emotional stand point has helped women all over the world recovery safely after surgery. Dedicated to bringing an outstanding, first-class level of education and post-op assistance to South Florida and Atlanta.


Jessica, MA, EKG Tech

Lead Medical Assistant
Jessica has extensive experience in the cosmetic surgery and has not only worked at several recovery homes has recovered a few hundred clients Jessica is currently studying to pass her certification as a Surgical Technologist.


Recovery Assistant
Isabel has experience working in the clinical setting as a liaison between physicians and their patients. She has extensive knowledge about elective surgeries . Isabel provides clients with post- op education and with the strategies they will need to implement once she leaves.


Recovery Assistant
Radicha has experience working In the research and clinical setting at University of Miami. Radicha encourages her clients to push through the pain and discomfort associated with elective surgery, while being patient and understanding. Assistance with Radicha also means that you and your family member/ companion will be well educated on what to do once care is finished.


Ruth provides overnight, weekend, and holiday care to clients in need of extended care or care on holidays . She brings forth a wealth of experience, with over 8 years clinical experience working with patients with Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological disorders. She has experience is cosmetic post op recovery.


Provides our clients with quality care, ensures they are safe and that all their needs are met while under Med Miami's care. She acts as the liaison between the client and clinical supervisor, hence always exceeding the clients expectations.


Medical Assistant
Ashely is bilingual and provides clients with post- op assistance in the privacy of their home, hotel or Airbnb. Ashley is compassionate, caring, and is known to ensure her clients are active throughout the recovery process.
Jenna Head shot


Post -Op Concierge Coordinator
Jenna plays a vital role in scheduling Med Miami's clients for post -op assistance, she also ensures that clients are scheduled for massages, transportation and assists with post -op education. Jenna also provides clients with assistance and companionship.

What People Are Saying

by Palladino Doll on MED Miami

I would refer anyone to Med Miami for any post op care. I used there 48 hour Nurse care and they exceeded my expectations by far. Natasha and are Staff are the best and they made my post op experience go so smoothly. I knew I was in great hands! Thanks for everything!

by M Henry on MED Miami

Hi Med Miami,
I was super nervous about my surgery with the infamous doctor Chang but your coordinator Natasha helped with that and sent me the best nurse possible. She was fun, helpful, concerned and her technique was effective. She taught me a lot about myself in the two days and I am super thankful. I had some accommodation issues and I didn’t even have to think twice because it was handled by my team! Over and above!!!
I would suggest to hire a nurse for the entire stay if you’re alone, and having someone like Stacey with such magnificent bedside manner was comfortable and positive. We related in culture and profession and I would recommend her again and again.
Thank you MED MIAMI!

by Mary Rangel on MED Miami

First of all I want to Thank Nathasha Turner for the awesome service her and the team provided couldn’t Express how grateful I was for the assistance provide from the time before surgery till the end every step of the way they are a awesome team!!!!! They are the BOMB!!!??

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