Meet Our CEO

Natasha Turner, M.Ed, RMA

Has a Master’s degree in clinical education, with over 15 years’ experience in women’s health. She is better known for her Social Media alias Med_Miami.

With fast-growing popularity due to her excellent reputation, for assisting women after cosmetic surgery, traveling from Miami to Atlanta educating recovery homes, clinics, and allied health care professionals on proper post-op care, to teaching holistic health care and basic health care skills and an active social media platform, known as the Queenoftraining or Recoverysquad.

Mrs. Turner has been nominated twice as clinical educator of the year in her school district and most recently nominated by NCL as the top 15 educators in the United States. Mrs. Turner is committed to delivering the highest level of training to health care providers to ensure that they can deliver quality, safe assistance to patients recovering from cosmetic and or other types of procedures. Her passion for helping women understand their body, from a physical, mental, and emotional standpoint has helped women all over the world recovery safely after surgery. Dedicated to bringing an outstanding, first-class level of education and post-op assistance to South Florida and Atlanta.


Jessica, MA, EKG Tech

Medical Assistant, Sterile Processing Technician.

Education: University of Florida & Southeastern College CPR Trained

Experience: Jessica has extensive experience in post-op assistance, specific to clients recovering from elective procedures and cosmetic surgery. She has assisted 300+clients. Jessica is best known for her ability to assist clients with getting comfortable after complex procedures such as Mommy Makeover. While she is firm with her clients and encourages them to become independent, she is patient and always reminds them, " all clients recover differently, don't compare your journey to anyone else".

Servicing: Hollywood , Fort Lauderdale, Miramar, Aventura, North Miami

"Tough times never last but tough people do"- Jessica's Motto


Phlebotomist, Nursing Student Med Miami Certified Recovery Assistant

Education: Chamberlain University- College of Nursing

Experience: Isabel has a unique set of clinical skills that allow her to deliver quality, detail-oriented assistance to clients recovering from cosmetic surgery. Isabel has experience as a scribe and as a phlebotomist, with most of her experience as a cosmetic recovery assistant. Isabel is known for her firmness and ability to push her clients to become independent in a short amount of time. Isabel ends each of her cases with detailed post-op instructions both for the client and their family members.

Servicing: Hollywood, North Miami, Aventura, Miramar, and Fort-Lauderdale


Certified Medical Assistant

Education: University of Florida, Pre- Med Program

Experience: Deysy has extensive experience in assisting clients after surgery. Over the course of three years, Deysy has provided assistance to approximately 150 clients. She provides clients with the ultimate post-op experience by creating a digital journal ( per client request) of their post-op experience. Deysy is known to be firm and encourages her clients to walk shortly after surgery as well as stresses the importance of becoming self-sufficient. Deysy is currently the post-op coordinator and assists with the daily operations of Med Miami Head Quarters.

Motto- "The easy part is surgery, but the difficult part is the recovery, so let's work together to get you on the safe and snatched side".

Servicing: Coral Gables, Hollywood, Doral, Fort- Lauderdale, North Miami, Aventura, Miramar


Medical Assistant , CPR Trained

Education: Miami Dade College

Experience: Throughout the last year and a half Ashley has assisted approximately 150 clients recovering from elective procedures. Ashley is compassionate, caring but firm in her expectations of her clients. Ashley sets goals for her clients and encourages them to reach their goals before ending her shift. Ashley is known for managing her client's pain without the use of narcotics, rather through a holistic approach.

Servicing: North Miami, Hollywood, Miramar, Fort- Lauderdale, Aventura, Coral Gables.

Motto: "You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice- Bob Marley"


Registered Respiratory Therapist

Education: Broward College, CPR Certified

Experience: Marquita has extensive experience as a respiratory therapist and in post-op care both in the clinical and private setting. She utilizes her experience as a respiratory therapist to ensure her post-op clients follow proper breathing techniques, as well as use their incentive spirometer. Marquita is known for providing her clients with detailed post-op education and tips for managing pain without the use of narcotics.

Servicing: Doral, Fort-Lauderdale, North Miami, Aventura, Boca Raton, Miramar, Hollywood.


Medical Assistant

Education: Miami Dade College

Experience: Evike has gained a reputation for being kind, gentle and understanding. She provides her clients with a safe but nurturing experience. Evike encourages her clients to walk and provides them with a variety of options for getting comfortable.

Servicing: North Miami, Coral Gables, Fort- Lauderdale, Aventura


Recovery Assistant

Education: Med Miami Recovery Cosmetic Recovery Assistant Program

Experience: Myer provides clients with an unforgettable post-op experience. Myer is knowledgeable, kind, and patient. She ensures her clients walk shortly after surgery and is known for her sense of humor and wit.

Servicing: Hollywood, Fort- Lauderdale, North Miami, Miramar, Aventura, and Coral Gables.

Quote: Why fit in if you were born to stand out.


Recovery Assistant

Education: Med Miami Recovery Assistant Academy

Experience: Angie has experience as a recovery assistant in the private care setting, both in cosmetics and orthopedic assistance. Angie utilizes her experience in the private care setting to ensure she creates a " home away from home" feeling; therefore, making sure her clients are comfortable during the process. Angie is known for ensuring that clients walk consistently.

Servicing: Miami Gardens, North Miami, Aventura, Doral, Hollywood, Miramar, Fort-Lauderdale